On Monday March 20th, The Collective Experience was featured on PulpMX with Steve Matthes to discuss the Supercross Fan Experience.  PulpMX.com is a one of the world's biggest and most popular Supercross and Motocross specific weekly podcasts.  The show regularly features superstars of the sport and has a ton of inside banter on a weekly basis.  Steve and his in studio guest, Vital MX's Mike Lindsay, had very positive and supportive things to say about the program and riders.  Both guys were able to get the inside scoop on the how the program works and how it came about.  Mike and Steve both agreed that this program is a definite game changer and will have serious impact on the sport as a whole.

This TCE Supercross program is centered around providing Supercross and Motocross fans with a once in a lifetime behind the scenes experience at a race of their choice.  The fans are able to shadow their favorite privateer riders and their personal teams for a day.  This is the ultimate opportunity for fans to be a special guest of these privateer heroes.  As part of the program fans get all access passes, industry seating, personal time and interaction with industry professionals and teams, along with private tours and free swag bags.  

One of the best parts of the program is that a vast majority of the funding goes directly to the riders.  This allows the fans to have a positive impact on their favorite riders and to directly fund their racing efforts all while having a thrilling experience.  This is a true benefit for both fans and Supercross racers.  To listen to the show check the link below and be sure to follow and listen in to PulpMX.com for all the latest racing news and insights.  The TCE Supercross Fan Experience is in full swing.  To reserve your spot click here and sign up today!

PulpMX Show with TCE!