We’ve been getting a TON of questions, interest, and overall excitement from people from all around the world regarding the 2019 TCE SX Internship program. This unique program gives people all over the planet the chance to be a part of a race team. Now, we’re not just talking about hanging around the team- we mean you will have actual responsibility and be an official team member helping out pro Supercross rider and privateer hero AJ Catanzaro. From helping to organize the race day to interfacing with gear reps and sponsors and everything in between. This is as immersive as it gets in the Supercross racing industry.

This program isn’t just for the average fan. This is for individuals who LIVE for the sport of Supercross and Motocross. We’ve cultivated this to be most beneficial to those who dream of working in the industry and want to fast track their career. In this sport, it’s all about who you know and only the luckiest of the lucky ever get the chance to work with a pro rider or team. We want to change that aspect and get more passionate and dedicated people working in the sport that we all love.


We wanted to give all of you some added information about the TCE SX Internship Program- check out the Q and A list below:

Q: What is this program?

A: The TCE SX Internship Program is an application based program that provides fans interested in gaining valuable experience in the industry with the opportunity to work for a professional Supercross racer and be a real life team member.

Q: How is this program different from the TCE SX Fan Experience program?

A: This internship program gets you fully immersed into the program like the TCE SX Fan Experience program however, it is geared towards not just fans of the sport, but people who want to start careers in this sport. The daily interactions are a bit different and focus on putting the intern in the face of industry leaders and reps from all over the sport. It’s a fully hands on program that prepares the interns for real world tasks within the Supercross racing world. It’s more than just a shadow program- we put you to work with some of the most coolest people around.

Q:What is the application process like?

A:You first need to download the application here and fill it out fully. Then, you send the completed forms to contact@thecollectivexp.com along with the races you can attend and any other materials that you think would help increase your chances of being picked - like a resume or video submission, but please for the love of God don’t send us your mixtapes!

Q:How much is the application?

A:The application is $30 and goes towards this program’s efforts in helping privateer racers and growing the sport.

Q: I want to enter the program, but I can afford to travel to all 17 rounds. Should I still apply?

A: YES!!! Even if you can only attend one round, we don’t want to turn away any talented or passionate fans from this great opportunity. Most applicants are encouraged to send us a list of races that they can attend, no matter how few, when they submit their application. We recommend listing races that are closes to you and the easiest for you to get to. We aren’t requiring any candidate to be not the hook for more than one round- unless they want.

Q: Can a candidate be picked for multiple rounds?

A: Yes. But that is dependent on the candidates availability and their ability to impress AJ. We’re letting you know ahead of time that impressing AJ is tougher than it looks, trust us!

Q: What am I responsible for paying for?

A: The selected interns are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and food along with their all access bands ($50). This may seem like quite a bit, but trust us. It’s a lot cheaper than trying to show up for numerous pro races trying to talk your way onto a team for years and years and years.

Q: Will this program make me as fast as AJ?

A: Yes and no. You’ll be front and center for all of the action and get a chance to see AJ do his thing up close and personal. You may pick up a few tricks and AJ is always willing to talk about technique. But this is no guarantee. We wish it was as it would really be nice to drop our lap times by a few seconds.

p/c: Tyson Ryder

p/c: Tyson Ryder

Q: When will the winners be announced?

A: We are looking to announce the first 8 winners for the first 8 rounds of the series by the middle of December. The next round of winners will be announced by the first week of February.

Q: How will I know if I get picked?

A: We will announce the winners LIVE on Instagram and post it on all of our social media platforms. We will also have the list up on our website and will personally reach out to each selected intern. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for announcements and dates!

Q: Do I have to do anything ahead of time?

A: Nope! After you have downloaded the application and submitted it to us (along with the list of races that you want to attend) you don’t need to do anything. All of the responsibilities will be discussed during the day of the race. The internship is from the start of the race day to the end of the race day.

Q:What are some of the tasks that I have to do on race day?

A: Here is some of the daily tasks-

Helping AJ and the crew with scheduling

Keeping the team on task and on schedule with practice and races

Helping to acquire gear, parts, fuel, etc.. for the team in between track sessions

Helping to record and review race lines

Assisting with social media posts, interviews, and videos

Assisting with fan interactions

Interfacing with reps and sponsors

Keeping the crew on task

Helping to keep up morale (preferably with dad jokes)

Q:Have the interns in the past gone on to do cool things?

A: Most definitely. That is one thing that we are insanely proud of! Our interns have gone on to do awesome things. For example, Cole Beach joined us last year in Tampa and spent the day with us as an intern. Because of the incredible exposure and immersion of our program, Cole was hired by FELD (the owners of Supercross) to help with their video marketing program. Another intern, Joe Cancellieri, went on to be a personal trainer for pro racers in both classes- talk about a killer gig. Our program gets you prepared like you wouldn’t believe.

Q: Can I ride Aj’s bike?

A: No. No you can't….

Be sure to APPLY today and spread the word. We want to make sure that this opportunity goes far and wide and we want help bring talented candidates into the sport- candidates like YOU. Stay tuned to Thecollectivexp.com for more updates and offerings.