Who doesn’t love amateur racing?! It’s where everyone gets their start in the sport.  From pro riders and moto media owners to industry videographers and race flaggers.  Everyone started out grinding in the amateur ranks.  We have a huge passion for racing at all levels.  No matter the bike size, racing is racing to us and we know millions of others share that same passion and notion. So it goes without saying that when we heard about the upcoming Supercross Futures Amateur events in 2019 we were beyond ecstatic.  This takes amateur racing to a whole new level! Now riders from all over the world have a chance to ride the same Supercross tracks as the pros on the same weekend.  This not only elevates the sport, but gives young and upcoming riders exposure to the unique style of riding that Supercross demands, not to mention the added media attention for all the mini groms!

 We knew we had to do something to help out and give the amateur athletes something that could get them to that next level of riding.  So without further a due, were excited to announce our 2019 Amateur Supercross Support Program!  You might be wondering, what the heck this program is all about.  Well, it’s a unique program that helps amateur riders.  We are giving Supercross Futures amateur riders the opportunity to pit under our pro rider’s tents and have our crew at your beckon call and disposal.  We will be your support staff for the race complete with amenities, bike support, refreshments and more!  As an added bonus when you sign up with us you get to chose your very own pro rider coach to help you throughout the day.  You get your pick of privateer standouts, AJ Catanzaro or Bubba Pauli. This includes rider technique, bike set up, and race line review.  The Collective Experience crew will also be doing exclusive interviews, social media posts, and swag giveaways for each rider who signs up.  You’ll feel like a factory superstar! 

 Our main focus is to give you the support you need all while making sure you have an experience unlike any other.  This program is perfect for someone who wants to hang around a pro team for a race and partake in a fun inclusive experience as well as the serious racer who is looking for a competitive edge and wants exposure to the pro team environment.  We’ll also make sure to help you get the connections in the sport that others only dream of.  From the support staff to the rider coach and everything in between, this is a program that is sure to elevate your riding and keep you smiling all day long!


 Have a few questions about the program?  Take a peek below.


What is this program about?

This program is geared towards helping and supporting amateur riders from all over. We want to do our part to give a factory rider experience to the everyday racer. This is not just for the fastest gals and guys around. This is for anyone who has a huge dedication to the sport and wants to elevate their riding and gain exposure into the world of a pro rider. We want to make you feel like the superstar of the day….minus the multi-million dollar contract.

To sign up click HERE

 Why start this program?

Why not start this program? We all dream of being treated like a real factory rider with a full team of guys dedicated to our success. We wanted to give that experience and opportunity to the sports up and coming racers. We wanted something that wasn’t limited to just the fast kids, but for all amateurs.

How much is it?

 Entry into this unique program is $400. The cool part is that a majority of the proceeds goes towards helping to fund privateer race efforts, like with all of our programs. This price point keeps things nice and affordable for all racers at all levels.

Does that include my race entry?

 No it does not. This cost only secures your spot and participation with our program. You will need to head over to the Supercross Futures registration site in order to purchase your race entry.

 What will the day be like?

Your day will consist of the pro race teams supporting you throughout the entire day. You will have access to pit with us under the pro tent along with access to the team personal and support staff. You’ll be our VIP rider and get to really be a member of the team with the pro crew. There will also be a host of other accommodations and amenities. Bike mechanics will be available at select races. Each amateur racer will have one on one time with their selected rider coach to discuss racing technique, race track like review, and proper body positioning. We’ll support you every step of the way. Not to mention the killer swag bags that are always a major crowd pleaser!

 Will the teams have bike parts?

 No. The teams will not have additional bike specific parts for each rider who signs up. There will tools available and an eager set of hands ready to help assist each amateur rider.

What type of media exposure will there be?

 Each rider will get to be a part of our social media content along with exclusive content for our weekly BLOG and website. We plan to interview the riders and crew members at each round of the Supercross Futures series. We constantly get visibility of our program on major moto-industry platforms and websites. This will translate in some added traffic and attention on the riders and participants in our programs.


Which teams are available to host riders?

Team MotoTape will be available to host a ton of riders at each round of the Supercross Futures series. Along with this hospitality and support comes the advice from rider coach - Supercross privateer stand out AJ Catanzaro. AJ teaches and directs one of the most successful riding academies on the globe. How’s that for value?

Team TXS Productions will also be hosting a handful of riders. TXS adds their own very unique flare to the races and always has one of the coolest pit atmospheres around. TXS will be bringing along 2019 Supercross privateer hero Bubba Pauli. Pauli’s approach to racing will benefit each rider who signs up with the TSX Productions team.

We’re excited to roll this out and we can’t wait to help out as many amateurs as possible! Feel free to drop us a line: contact@thecollectivexp.com

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